"Paige's Law" Mandatory School Programs to raise awareness about suicide!

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Shine Paige's light forever!!

If everyone of my friends and family that have already signed this petition were to post this very important issue on their own Facebook page and begged for all of their friends and family to sign and then they did as well this petition would be made into law. I understand the stigma on suicide but my daughter was a very popular, well loved by all, active, an advocate and just the little 15 year old girl next door that you would never see doing something so drastic to end her life, but she did and it could've been your daughter or son!!! So please help me stop this stigma about the bad word of suicide and educate our children before you feel the pain our family is feeling!!! Sign this petition please and share on your page and beg your friends to do the same!!! Please help me keep my daughter Paige Eryn Bird alive not only by her selfless gift of being an organ donor but also through saving others from this tragedy!!! Please help me and my family show you our daughters beautiful life and let her light shine for eternity!!!!

Carrie Martineau
5 years ago