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Socialize Mental Healthcare in the State of Ohio

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Whereas over 11 people died a day from heroin overdose in Ohio in 2016

Whereas about 1/5 Ohioans struggle with mental illness

Whereas mental illness can affect anyone, even if one does not have a disorder

Whereas more than three Ohioans die from suicide every day

Whereas mental healthcare may not be affordable for those who are in need but do not qualify for Medicare or Medicaid

Whereas nations that treat mental illness socially have lower prison populations per capita than the United States

Therefore be it resolved the State of Ohio will pay for all mental health services. These services include: inpatient and outpatient treatment for chronic mental illness, acute mental illness, addiction, and medication. Inmates in jail for all drug convictions, aside from drug dealing and other violent drug crimes, shall be given the option to be released into inpatient addiction services until the hospital confirms their discharge into society. This will cost money, and income taxes will be raised after a bipartisan analysis on the cost of this program. 

Personal note: You know someone with a mental illness. You know that you may experience a trauma, an addiction, or suicidal thoughts. You know that mental health problems can strike anyone unexpectedly. You know that cities in Ohio such as Toledo, Cleveland, and Cincinnati are experiencing a heroin epidemic. You know that socializing medicine will be costly. What do you do with this information? Do we let the free market decide who is able to get healthcare? It is a convenient option. You pay less taxes. You don't pay for the problems of others. You may not care about heroin addicts or people with depression, anxiety, bipolar, schizophrenia, phobias, or other disorders. Do we create a state with socialized mental healthcare? Statewide socialized healthcare would require less bureaucracy than a federal institution of universal healthcare. Statewide medicine would get addicts out of jail, and into treatment centers where they can rejoin society after rehabilitation. You would be able to get treatment you need for your illness without worrying about financial setbacks. This is the option I choose, and I hope you choose it with me.

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