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Sealed convictions over 5 years old Ohio Revised Code

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What im petitioning is that... Here is my own story & i know there are other people going through the same situation... Back in 2004 when i was 19 years old I was convicted of assault. After completing all the things the judge sentenced I paid for an expungement. Well... I am now a nurse, I get fingerprinted for back round checks for pre employment... Well, for nursing homes, BCI unseals my assault record that I've already paid the time on & paid for expungement, & they send it to the nursing homes making it very difficult to get hired... BCI claims that according to Ohio Revised Code, they have to unseal it for 79 years.. Assault is listed as a "disqualifying offense" for hire in nursing homes HOWEVER there is a rule that a person may be hired with a disqualifying offense as long as it has been at least 5 yrs since they completed all sentencing obligation & they are not a repeat offender & there character is such that it is unlikely that the offense would occur again. However most nursiinng homes only have the list & don't look at the grey area. My petition is that 1. BCI should not be unsealing anything, especially after 5 years. A sealed record should remain sealed! 2. No place of employment should deny employment based on a SEALED record.There are alot of good people who continue to pay for the one mistake they made in their life & with the current law it immediately & directly interferes with their financial & personal wellbeing & ability to progress in life.

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