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Grant Jermane Scott a new trial

Jermane Scott was denied a fair competent trial in 1996 resulting in a wrongful conviction and a life sentence without the chance of parole for a crime he DID NOT COMMIT. He was found guilty for murder based on inconsistent witness statements which had been manipulated (deals being struck) between the Prosecutor/Police and the witnesses (they got let off all charges against them in exchange for testimonies to aid a guilty conviction), incompetent defence counsel, court misconduct & a bundled police investigation. Crucial defence evidence, witnesses and statements proving his innocence were NOT allowed to be heard at his trial and dismissed by police/prosecutor and Judge as 'not important' or 'relevant'. NO DNA evidence was found connecting Jermane to this hideous crime. NO motive. NO murder weapon. Jermane had an alibi for the evening of the crime yet this alibi (crucial witness) was denied the right to testify in court. His trial was NOT fair. It was NOT accurate. Jermane was an uneducated, indigent 17year old (at the time of the investigation) who was manipulated by law enforcement/the Justice system. He was given NO competent legal counsel, limited legal aid with very limited legal understanding. Jermane Scott has the right to a fair trial. He has the right to have ALL evidence heard. ALL witnesses heard. ALL sides heard (and not just the prosecution side). The trial as well as the police investigation was floored with misconduct. Jermane has the HUMAN RIGHT to a FAIR TRIAL. Jermane Scott is innocent and has always claimed his innocence. This will be his 20th year in prison. He was sentenced to LIFE WITHOUT PAROLE - he will die in prison an innocent man. John Kasich YOU can correct this terrible wrong. Jermane is 38 years old now and has spent more time in prison than he has outside of prison. And that is a crime when that person is innocent and has been denied the basic human right of a fair trial. PLEASE restore his faith in mankind by allowing him the chance to speak his truth. Thank you

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