Legalize Recrational Marijuana in Ohio

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We, the undersigned, reside in Ohio, USA. We are concerned with the current laws regarding the use of recreational marijuana. We believe that allowing recreational marijuana would be a benefit for our society and the government. A lot of non-violent people are criminalized everyday for the use of this substance. Policing, enforcing, and incarceration resulting from the current laws associated with marijuana is a waste of police resources, taxpayer money, and leads to overcrowding in courts and in prisons. Knowing that marijuana is safer than alcohol and cigarettes, which are both legal and widely used in our culture, why should we not legalize the substance?Furthermore, it has been proven that the enforcement of the law prohibiting marijuana needs a lot of funding, but doesn't have many convincing returns. We could save this taxpayer money and use it for a good purpose: to create more jobs and spur economic growth. Legalizing recreational marijuana would create jobs and more responsible users, who would be integrated in our society, and not pushed apart, which is a large cause of criminalisation. Of course, this legalization would be enforced with similar laws as alcohol.
Most people actually don't really understand the real effects of marijuana. Help us to bring change to Ohio and at the same time help evolve our society.

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