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Governor John Kasich, Pardon Rev. Jason H. Salley

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To the distinguished members of the Ohio Parole Authority, and the Honorable Governor John Kasich.

Here enters before you humbly, Rev. Jason H. Salley seeking relief in the form of clemency. The following is a memorandum in support of the granting of clemency for Rev. Jason H. Salley. We thus hereby pray that this application and memorandum will be looked upon favorably.



§In the case State v. Walls the Hon. Justice J. Pfeifer in his dissenting remarks stated the following:

“Whenever the juvenile offender is ultimately apprehended, at the time of the crime or after he turns twenty-one, the fact remains that a child committed the offense.

Who of us is the same person we were as a teenager? Who of us is the person we aspired to be as a teenager?”

§Rev. Jason H. Salley at the commission of his offense was 17 years of age in 2001. Pursuant to 2152.12 (J) of the Ohio Revised Code amended in 2011, 2012, 2016 and enacted in 2002 states the following:

“If a person under eighteen years of age allegedly commits an act that would be a felony if committed by an adult and if the person is not taken into custody or apprehended for that act until after the person attains twenty-one years of age, the juvenile court does not have jurisdiction to hear or determine any portion of the case charging the person with committing that act. In those circumstances, divisions (A) and (B) of this section do not apply regarding the act, and the case charging the person with committing the act shall be a criminal prosecution commenced and heard in the appropriate court having jurisdiction of the offense as if the person had been eighteen years of age or older when the person committed the act. All proceedings pertaining to the act shall be within the jurisdiction of the court having jurisdiction of the offense, and that court has all the authority and duties in the case as it has in other criminal cases in that court.”

§ It is not our intention to repudiate this law. It is our intention to clarify whether the granting of clemency for Rev. Jason H. Salley would in any way negatively affect public safety and the rule of law governing the state of Ohio.

Case Background

§ Rev. Jason Salley was not convicted of Aggravated Robbery (2911.01 ORC) until 2010 at the age of 26. During the time period of 2002 to 2010 Rev. Jason H. Salley became a model law abiding citizen. He worked regularly, paid taxes, and began to quietly raise a family. Rev. Jason Salley never had any negative run ins with law enforcement outside of minor traffic violations until 2009 when the investigation into the 2001 robbery attempt at a Sunoco Gas Station in Chillicothe, Ohio re-opened under the direction of Chillicothe Police Detective Shawn Rourke.

§During the investigation Rev. Jason H. Salley cooperated with the investigation and made know attempts to mislead law enforcement in any way. Rev. Jason H. Salley confessed to the crime at his residence with Det. Shawn Rourke.

§The case was initially filed in the Ross County Juvenile Court but was bound over to the Ross County Court of Common Pleas and the Prosecutors office. The case went before a Grand Jury and Rev. Jason H. Salley was indicted for the 2001 offense. During all court proceedings Rev. Jason Salley appeared voluntarily for every scheduled court appearances.

§During a pretrial conference/ plea change it was determined that an agreement was made between both the Ross County Prosecutor and Rev. Salley’s defense attorney Clair “Buzz” Ball. The plea deal was for a stated 3 year prison sentence with Judicial Release after 12 months.

§This case involving Rev. Jason H. Salley was unique and showed no prior case to use as guidance in charging and trying this case. The Honorable Judge Corzine presided over this particular case.

§During Rev. Jason Salley’s time in the London Ohio Correctional Institution there were no problems. Rev. Salley proved to be a model inmate. He worked as a Porter and Institutional Electrician. He further involved himself with religious activities as well as the Ridge Project.

§After meeting with the Institutions Case Manager it was determined that Rev. Jason H. Salley was not in need of any rehabilitation programming. It was additionally determined that Rev. Salley had a low risk of recidivism.

§In 2011 Rev. Salley petitioned the court for Judicial Release. The motion was well taken and Rev. Salley was released from prison. After his release Rev. Jason Salley was placed on 5 years of Community Control during which he showed to be a model probationer. After 2 years of Community Control Rev. Salley filed a motion for early release from Community Control. With the support of his probation officer the Honorable Judge Michael Ater granted early release.

§In the following years Rev. Jason Salley has continued to be a law abiding citizen. Since 2002 Rev. Jason H. Salley has not been involved with any criminal activity or any legal problems outside of minor traffic violations. He has shown a consistent pattern of law abiding citizenry.

§Since his release in 2011 Rev. Jason Salley has maintained employment though not gainful and not sufficient enough to take care of his family. He has pursued a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice, become a Pastor of a local area church, and has continued to raise a family.

Purpose of Clemency

§Each one of us has our own personal goals, dreams, and aspirations. Rev. Jason Salley is no different. Rev. Jason Salley like many others has had trouble finding gainful employment, housing, and professional achievements due to his felony conviction. His dreams of being involved in Law Enforcement or a lawyer have all but faded. Yet he has continued to pursue his degree in Criminal Justice in hopes that someone would give him a chance and so he can effectively reach other high risk youth and steer them from making the same bad choices he did at their age. Yet with all that he has worked for and all he has personally accomplished is shadowed by this terrible choice he made as a teenager and the stigma of being a convicted felon.  Rev. Jason Salley upon finishing his Bachelor degree wishes to continue his education  toward a PH.D. It is his wish that his life is not wasted and shadowed by the choice of a teenager, but that he can go and make a positive impact in his family, community, state, and nation.

§If it would so please the Honorable Governor John Kasich to grant full pardon to Rev. Jason H. Salley it would forever give him and his family that new start they have prayed for, and the ability to make those positive impacts we all wish to see in our communities.

1Corinthians 13:11

When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things.

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