FAITH LAW .Fathers Equal rights. Emergency removal

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  • When a unwed relationship ends, The mother and father are both equally awarded shared parenting. Until one of the parties file for full custody. Any child under 18 that is a victim of neglect or any kind of abuse.  The child must be removed immediately until a proper investigation can be performed. Any official including police or social worker who does not remove a child in danger will be subjected to face criminal and civil penalties. They will also lose there license to work in the field they work in . The first offense is $1000 dollar fine and the loss of license to work in their field for 30 days. The second offense is $1000 dollar fine and loss of license to practice in their field for six months. The third offense is the public official will lose their license to infinity. If the offender is charged with a crime . The public official that did not do their duties and remove said child will face at least half or more of  the same sentence the offender received.

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