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Campaign County Municipal Court and Urbana Police be investigated by Ohio supreme court

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The city of Urbana Police department and The Champaign County municipal court has been working hand to hand on making money! They pull over too many people(police) and give outrageous fines and will throw you in jail if you not pay your fines in a timely manner (Court, Probably to support their habit)!

They have been cause people havoc for years. Even the good tax paying citizens of this community will get ripped off too. If your African American well everything is double and your not getting off anything. For example, Two couples go in front of the judge for a domestic dispute. One couple Caucasian,  The other couple interacial. The African American guy came in front of the judge. The judge looked at his wife and told him next time you should think of staying with your own kind, and gave him 6 months. The Caucasian couple, came in next and the husband got thirty days. I am African American who have been a victim of their abuse of power. I been pulled over 3 times in one month and got charged with a driving under suspension, failure to reinstate. I told the cop that pulled me over that i just got pulled over and I was valid. He said not here your not. I said I can fix it give me two minutes, If you charge me with this ill lose my job. (They do not reschedule). He said we work for the order of the judge you have to take it up with him so I did. Guilty. $172 dollar fine. They just bullied out of me its either pay them or sit in jail AMD owe them another $250 on top of that 172. Making it a Grand total of 422. And if you dont pay that? well you get the hint. They have more people going to court there then Clark county and Montgomery county those cities are significantly bigger.

Some sketchy stuff is happening in that county. The law is law and we all understand and respect that. Judge Gil "skip" Wiedmans and his clerks, prosecutors and The Urbana Police Department and their predecessors has taken it far enough! Im just another person in this community who pays his taxes and his bills and doesn't need to be bullied out on one of bills to satisfy there habit. Its illegal and its called abuse of process.

I and the people of Urbana and the rest of champagne county (excluding the names and associates I stated above) demand a investigation be done of the following people and organizations and their practices: Judge Gil "skip" Weidman and the Municipal Court, The prosecutors and The Urbana Police department. Their abuse of power are taking fathers and mothers away from their children for their financial gain. Having hardworking people lose their jobs, and having their bills shut off for the same reason (FINANCIAL GAIN).

Im asking Governor Kasich, Senator Sherrod Brown, and the Ohio supreme court, to look into this matter for us. We are not the bad guys. Instead of chasing us, chase the true criminals. Because that's what we pay you to do "the tax payers" not to arrest and charge us and throw us in jail for nothing. Your here to protect and serve, give law and order. Not bully and take,  and not dictate with an iron fist!

So Im asking people pleasee sign this petition with me. This will be the first start of real change for us in Champaign County.


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