Block Ohio House Bill 658

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Dear Governor Kasich,

A bill that violates our constitution is being considered as we speak. Ohio House Bill 658 would force mental health care providers and school personnel to out transgender youth to their parents, or risk a felony charge. It is my opinion that this bill is unconstitutional. It violates section eight of our bill of rights. Section Eight of the Bill Of Rights clearly forbids cruel and unusual punishment. It punishes the transgender youth for not being a so-called "normal" member of society. It also unfairly punishes school personnel and mental health care providers who only have the best interests of the youth at heart. The conservative republicans have gone too far with this one. LGBTQ members of all ages are citizens of this country. They deserve the same rights to jobs, housing, medical care, etc., as any other citizen of the United States Of America. Please, Governor Kasich. Don't let this bill pass. If you do, the suicide rate in your state will skyrocket.