Allow Volunteer Firefighters in BC to use green "Courtesy Lights"

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5 Provinces throughout Canada allow their volunteer firefighters, and EMS personnel respond to their department using green flashing courtesy lights. These lights do NOT let us break traffic laws or speed. Its simply just a "request" for the right of way.

With volunteers when a call comes through, we are coming from work, home, the grocery store, anywhere BUT the department. We have to go from where we are, to the department, Don our PPE, and onto the emergency apparatus, only then do we start the trip to the emergency scene. Our response time is cut in half right off the bat. It's crucial that we save as much time as possible in order to get to the scene and help your friends, family, co-workers and even YOU!  

There are over 200 fire departments in BC, and 3 quarters of them are volunteer departments, which mean we have full-time jobs outside of our fire fighting positions. We have to leave those jobs and drive to the fire department. Time is of the essence.

Please support this petition to allow volunteer firefighters and EMS personnel to use green courtesy lights in our personal vehicles in order to get to our department as quickly but as safely as possible. Seconds Count. Thank you

Please watch this video from Ottawa.