Registered Dental Hygienists of BC want the QAP exam gone! QAP REFORM PETITION

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Registered Dental Hygienists in British Columbia are highly trained frontline healthcare professionals who graduated from reputable accredited programs and were required to pass a Canadian national board exam and in some cases a practical hands-on exams to be able enter into practice.  We have always been required to acquire 75 credits (hours) of continuing professional development courses within a certain time frame and to stay current in our knowledge. The previous format was 75 continuing education credits in 3 years.

11 years ago the College of Dental Hygienists of British Columbia, implemented a mandatory 3 hour exam to be completed every 5 years.  This exam costs money, time and causes unnecessary stress and anxiety among the dental hygiene community.  Most hygienists work full-time jobs, some of us are parents, some have children with special needs, some are completing their Bachelor’s degrees in order to attain a higher level of licensure and like most British Colombians lead extremely busy lives.  This exam does not provide an accurate representation of the knowledge and hands-on experience that myself and my colleagues possess, nor does it demonstrate the relationships, trust and rapport that is built between the clinician and the clients that they see multiple times a year.  Dental Hygienists possess a very large spectrum of abilities and qualifications and would like to be recognized for those abilities without having to take a pass/fail exam that in their opinion is not an accurate measurement of their competence. 
Dental Hygienists voted against this and voiced their dislike for this new system  by participating in a referendum created prior to this new QAP being implemented, only to have their voices completely ignored.  There are no other ORAL healthcare professionals in British Columbia who are constantly tested, this includes: Dentists, CDA’s, Denturists, Dental Therapists.

Dental hygienists have discussed alternatives such as :

-switching to the Alberta model

-75 Continuing professional development credits and switching to an educational quiz, that is not a pass/fail model, but rather an opportunity to be guided in the proper direction of which areas need to be worked on. 

-Keeping the current 5 year 75 credit cycle while adding some free mandatory modules.

We find these exams to be an unnecessary tool with regards to public safety and not useful in contributing to our continuing professional development.  We are asking that our thoughts and valid complaints be heard and to get  rid of the QAP EXAM!