Recognize pharmacy members and their support staff as an essential service

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Dear Mr. Horgan,

My name is Tammy Neiser and I work as a pharmacy technician. Can you please explain to me why myself, as well as my coworkers, have not been recognized as an essential service even though we have been at work, day in and day out during this pandemic? We are putting not only ourselves but our families on the line and in harm's way to make sure that our community members still receive their life saving medications. Is that not essential? We are the first to deal with people who may or may not be showing symptoms and exposing ourselves to make sure that they have what they need. 
I love my job, and I enjoy helping people who need it, but I also have 2 young children and an immunocompromised mother who lives with me. Do they not matter? I'm putting myself at risk of catching this virus and my job isn't even listed as essential. Can you tell me why nurses as well as other health care workers, but not pharmacy or pharmacy support staff are getting this pay top up? Are we not worth it? Are we not taking the same risks? 
I've never started a petition before, but I have been told it needs a certain amount of numbers to even be recognized as a petition. What number would that be to have 1000's of pharmacy members and support staff be recognized as a health care essential service?

Kindest Regards,
Tammy Neiser