Re-Open Dance Studios in the Interior of BC

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We ask that the government of BC reconsider the closure of children's dance studios in the Interior of BC.  We ask that the words 'dance classes' be removed from the Provincial Health Order.

The new restriction now includes the closing of dance studios. Dance studios have gone above and beyond to create and safe space for students during the COVID-19 pandemic.  The closure of dance studios is unjust and these closures have happened with no communication or information given.  Dance is closed, however other sports where physical distancing isn’t possible or followed are still running.

Dance  is not recognized as a sport but it is a physical activity that we, as owners, have managed to provide safely while maintaining physical distancing and proper protocols for many months.

We feel that dance studios are being closed without proper communication or backing. We have worked tirelessly, creating a safe space and safe outlet for children to do what they love.

We understand that BC is in the middle of a health crisis and increased protocols need to be taken. Have you visited a local studio lately? The safety measures are above and beyond, including constant sanitization and mask wearing. We are not responsible for the increase in cases. To ask us to close again, while other sports are still running activities is unreasonable, unfair, and unwarranted. Especially after all the money spent to safely re open.

Help us re open studios in the interior.  We offer positive, safe outlets to today’s youth, while following very strict safety protocols. Please sign