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Lower Homeless Population in Vancouver

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We see them everyday in Vancouver. People who lost everything and don’t have anywhere to go. Homelessness is a big problem in Vancouver. The number of homeless people in Vancouver is at an all time high. This is due to the skyrocketing prices in housing recently in Vancouver. Homelessness is bad because 90% of homeless women are physically or sexually abused and 20% of homeless people suffer from mental illnesses. By starting a petition, we can help lower the homeless population by a large amount. The petition will be to lower the housing costs and build more shelters.

Homelessness has been around since 1640 and it is a worldwide problem. Since 2000, homelessness has been growing in Vancouver. This is because of lack of income, cost of housing, health problems, and many other factors. In a wealthy city like Vancouver, all of its citizens should be taken care of. Homelessness in Vancouver is only going to get worse because of all the people coming into Canada and housing prices going up. Vancouver housing prices has increased by 8.8% since last year and it will continue to increase leaving more homeless people on the streets of Vancouver. According to a study, the average family in Vancouver can just barely afford rent and other monthly payments. This shows how easy it is for a family to become homeless.

The right to an adequate standard of living is a basic human right in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This right is to establish a minimum entitlement to food, clothing, and housing at an adequate level. This right has been taken away from most homeless people who have no food and nowhere to go. These homeless people usually resort to drugs which can cause society to look down on homeless people. This is the main reason why people don’t donate money to homeless people. Homelessness is negatively affecting society because homeless people will resort to committing crimes which will make the streets more dangerous. This will also make prisons more crowded which will resort to building more prisons which will cost taxpayers money. 90% of homeless women are physically or sexually abused and 20% of homeless people suffer from mental illnesses. Because of this, homeless people are admitted into hospitals and stay an average of 4 days more than the average hospital patient.

To help with this issue, we plan to start a petition to build more shelters and get more people to volunteer at the shelters. Not only can we get shelters but food and clothing donations are greatly appreciated. We can also educate others about homelessness to raise awareness and help get these people a safe place to live.  But donations aren’t the only things we can do to help the issue. Lowering the costs of housing can help people. We want to start our change in the Lower Mainland because it is nearby and there are a lot of people who need shelter and food.

Overall, we want to help people without homes because homelessness is at an all time high and now is the best time to do something about it. This petition will help lower the homeless population by lowering costs of housing and building more shelters for more homeless people. Within the shelters there will be more volunteers so the homeless people can get help and be taken care of. Our petition will start locally in the Lower Mainland then hopefully branch out provincially or even nationally.


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