Fund Public Education: Tell John Horgan that you want public money out of private schools

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Four out of five British Columbians support removing public money from private education.

British Columbians have not always funded private schools. Since 1977, provincial governments have made laws that increasingly allow for the flow of public money into private schools. "The amount of funding that we now give has grown pretty considerably — it's almost half a billion dollars a year at this point."1

"Almost 70 percent also oppose public funding going to faith-based, religious schools and two-thirds are against public funding for all nonreligious private schools. A strong majority polled—73 percent—also opposes property-tax exemptions that are currently enjoyed by B.C. private schools."2

With the recent decision to eliminate elementary school band programs 2 3, and the constant threat to librarian time and extra-curriculars, teachers and parents are becoming increasingly fed-up. Many classes around the province have exceeded class size and composition language during the past year alone. Classes with a full 30 students and 7 or 8 students with Individualized Education Plans are not unheard of.

Since 2002, when the Teachers' contract was unconstitutionally ripped up 4 5, there has been a steady decline in availability of funding for repairs, textbooks, sports equipment, and new technology. Removing the flow of public money from private schools is the first step in alleviating these critical issues. 

End the subsidy to private schools now. Tell Premier John Horgan to take action on this issue that will benefit the majority of British Columbians.