Deputy Minister of Labour Trevor Hughes resign for sexual harassment of vulnerable females

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I am a female injured worker.  On December 27th 2017 Deputy Minister of Labour, Trevor Hughes, who oversees WorkSafe BC, sent me two emails pleading to come over to my home stating that he would "meet me anywhere" and then identified fmy address that he got from my WorkSafeBC file. I threatened a restraining order against him. I was then made aware that he has engaged in sexual relations with female injured workers currently under WCB claim and that they didn't know who he was.  They reported that he negatively interfered with their claims.  I reported this to the BC Provincial government who held a toothless investigation in which I was treated like a nuisance and then ignored when I reported getting death threats about the investigation and even sent screen shots to the Deputy Minister of the BC Public Service Agency, Lori Halls, who was handling the investigation.  She did nothing when I asked for support for safety.  I also reported death threats to Constable Gareth Blount of the RCMP and sent him screen shots of the death threats and told him of the sexual harassment I experienced.  He did nothing as well. This is abuse of power and abuse of office of highly vulnerable women whom the Deputy Minister of Labour has full power to exploit.  He left one hungry, homeless, and suicidal.  She is brain injured and has received no treatment from WorkSafe.