Access to All BC Public Boat launches.

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Open Up our Boat Launches! 

During these times of uncertainty and Social Distancing, When our lives have been flipped completely upside down, When Anxiety and Depression is at an all time high. Our governing bodies have taken away our right to access our waters, by closing access to Parks and Boat launches. 

Being outdoors is the perfect way to rejuvenate your Mental Health, and to practice Social distancing at the Same time.  Just you, maybe your partner, kids or roommates  and mother nature..

Wether it be taking your family for a canoe ride across the lake, or dropping crab traps for a fresh seafood dinner. This is the perfect time to be enjoying our time outside.  In a time where basically every single thing has been taken away from us,  how can they take away being Outdoors? 

We can go to the dollar store, but we can’t go the beach and build a sand castle? We can go to Canadian Tire to buy everything we need to go camping, but we can’t go camping?. We can wait in line outside of Costco  with 100 other people, but we can’t go Fish or Hunt for our own food. 

At what point do we stand up and say enough.

I am writing this because I have had enough. I am 100% for social distancing and flattening  the curve, as well as supporting our front line workers.

But all of us deserve the right to be able to take our families to the beach. Go  camping, or hiking, or be able to launch our boats and take our kids fishing. 

Join Me and Stand up! 

Open Up our Parks and Boat Launches!