Petition to Remove Superintendent Joe Price

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We, as parents, community members, and taxpayers of Somers School District 29 have no confidence in the current Superintendent, Joe Price due to our lack of trust in his leadership and overall conduct. In our opinion, he has proven many times that he has not held our children’s safety as his top priority.

In just the past year alone, there have been at least four major accounts of complete disregard for the community's values that vastly impacted our children’s safety and wellbeing.


  • In the winter of 2017, a water line broke at Lakeside Elementary leaving the school without water for a day and half. Children had to be bused to Somers Middle School for lunch and had to walk across the street to use restrooms or use a porta potty. Parents were not notified until the end of the second day.
  • In the spring of 2017, students made very serious complaints at Somers Middle School. Parents were not notified of the children’s complaints nor did the administration have a conversation with the students after the initial report. 
  • In the fall of 2017, the entire Flathead Valley was impacted by cyber threats that closed every school EXCEPT those in Somers District. After parents refused to send their children to school, Joe Price closed the schools and then sent an apology stating that he didn’t know that all of the other schools were closed.
  • In the winter of 2017/2018 it was reported in the newspaper that a registered sex offender was present in an elementary classroom at Lakeside Elementary.  Parents were not notified by the school.

In three out of these four situations, parents were not promptly notified or given the opportunity to make decisions regarding their children's safety and many may still be unaware of the facts surrounding these situations.

By signing this petition, I agree that I lack confidence in Joe Price and ask that the board of trustees terminate him immediately.  

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