Protect Bristol City Center, Broadmead and Cabot Circus from Hidden Devices

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John Hirst, Chief Exec of Destination Bristol, recently suggested that homeless people needed to be removed from the center of Bristol as terrorists could 'hide devices' in their belongings

We say that, whilst this social cleansing is to be encouraged for the benefit of the Greater Bristol Area, it doesn't go far enough. We strongly suggest that Bristol City Council, Destination Bristol and the Broadmead Business Improvement District take further action to protect businesses and consumers alike:

  1. Remove all bins. These permanent fixtures are bound to be used as IED by terrorists. Destination Bristol staff can rove around with a cart and a "Happy to stash your trash" t-shirt or something.
  2. Remove all street furniture to stop IEDs being affixed to them. It's also been proven by science that standing is better than sitting so you kill two birds with one stone.
  3. Remove any pointless corporate art. It would be very easy for terrorists to create a hidden device within a dummy big blue ball for example. 
  4. Remove all billboards, electronic hoardings and advertising devices/mechanisms from the streets to ensure that explosive devices cannot be hidden within, behind or on top.
  5. Remove all corners within a 5 square mile of Broadmead. Corners are where they get you, you turn around one and KERBLAMO - you got gotten by a hidden device.
  6. Give John Hirst the vigilante costume of his choice so he can roam the streets at night ensuring nothing is hidden, devices or otherwise.

Thank you for reading this far. Let's stop the hiding of devices by keeping our streets clutter free.