Justice 4 Jason! Help Us Win the Freedom of an Innocent Man: Victim of Misidentification

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Jason Hogan
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Jason Hogan was wrongfully accused, convicted, and sentenced to 77 years in the Colorado Department of Corrections.  Sentenced for an alleged robbery/kidnapping offense he DID NOT COMMIT!! based solely on misidentification.

Misidentification is the leading cause for wrongful conviction nationally. 

Jason's' conviction rests entirely on misidentification testimony.  There is no physical evidence linking Jason to this crime.  In fact, the suspect was described of having a tattoo on his left hand of a sun in black ink, a tattoo Jason DOES NOT HAVE on his hand.  (Jason has no tattoos on his hands.)

However, despite the complete absence of evidence Jason was wrongfully convicted of this offense and sentenced to an outrageous term of 77 yearsA sentence over 3X the average sentence for murder!

This injustice, which has stolen Jason's life without any second chance opportunity,  is why we, the family and loved ones of Jason, are petitioning the Colorado Governor to commute his sentence. 

Help us give Jason a legitimate first chance at life.  He doesn't just need our help, he deserves it!!  He is not just an Innocent man, he is an exceptional one. 

Thank you for your support. For more information about Jason case in its entirety. 

Please visit www.jasonhoganactuallyinnocent.com