Charge the woman who misused the police for her bigotry at Colorado State University.

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Two Native American boys were detained by police while attending a tour at Colorado State University. Being there made a white woman on the tour "nervous" because the boys were late and shy. So she did what any bigoted white woman would do and called the police. Colorado State University (CSU) has apologized and offered to pay the expenses of the boys to return for a tour. However, the woman responsible has NOT stepped forward to provide any accountability for her actions for misusing the police, nor has any apology been issued from her. Instead, she is likely hiding out from the backlash that she deserves. Both CSU, and the State of Colorado are showing solidarity to this woman by refusing to expose and charge her with her crime. We demand justice for these boys. It is the hope in doing so that such bigotry-sponsored misuse of the police will be put to an end.