Change Colorado’s Unborn Murder Law & Charge Chris Watts With 4th Count of Murder

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Chris Watts has admitted to killing his wife, Shanann Watts. Shanann Watts was pregnant with a baby. A baby boy that they had planned to call Niko. When she was murdered, so was Baby Niko. Colorado currently does not have a law that would charge Chris Watts in the murder of Unborn Baby Boy Niko. Please join our fight to have this changed and this monster charged with a 4th count of capital murder. Chris Watts has been formally charged with murder against Shannan Watts & their two born daughters, Bella & Celeste. Please sign and share this petition!




I am aware that even with the growing support it may not be possible that this will affect the charges against Chris Watts but it is my hope that if it doesn’t, it does soon go in to affect & that not just Colorado but every state adopt this law for any (God forbid) case like this in the future. I think it should be called Niko’s Law.