Cancel the mosquito spraying program in our neighborhoods

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Each summer in Pittsfield, Stockbridge, Otis, Hinsdale, Clarksburg, Sheffield or Tyringham, Berk. Mosquito Control will spray a toxic mixture of insecticides combined with other poisonous substances throughout your neighborhoods and parks in an unproven attempt to reduce the 1 in a million chance of contracting West Nile Virus or EEE. 

Chemicals like Sumitrin, Prallithin, and PBO contained in the spray have been repeatedly linked to various kinds of cancer, organ damage, neurological development problems in newborns, and untold environmental damage, including contributing to Colony Collapse Disorder in bees. Contrary to what you may have been told, some of these chemicals can persist in ground, air and water for substantial time period with untold negative effects.

You can opt your home residence and personal property out of this dangerous, environmentally disastrous spraying by calling BCMosquito Control Project at 413-447-9808 or emailing 

If more than 50% of the residents on a street opt out, spraying must be done with backpacks rather than trucks. greatly reducing the amount used.

Pittsfield residents can also contact Pittsfield Board of Health chairperson Roberta Orsi at to ask the Board not to approve spraying requests this summer, or contact your local officials to ask that your town be removed from the Berkshires Mosquito Control Project like the 25 county towns who do not participate in this wasteful travesty.

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