Petition to keep Don Orsillo at NESN

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Thank You!

Wow. Not really sure what else there is to say except THANK YOU to everyone for the outpouring of support this petition has gotten over the past few days. When I created this, I had no idea just how many people it would reach and how widespread the publicity would be. This petition has been mentioned in articles written by Forbes, Fortune,, the Boston Globe, as well as many other well respected news outlets, which is awesome! Some very respected Twitter accounts have also shown their support by tweeting out the petition, which is also awesome! I know this petition has definitely been seen by a large audience which probably also includes some higher powers aforementioned at it's inception... But I will do my best to make sure it is seen by the right people. I know it will be tough to change the decision made to let go of Don Orsillo, but at least this goes to show just how many people this has affected and how well respected and loved he really is. Thanks again! PS (Here is the Forbes article if you have not already seen it)

Dave Ramsey
6 years ago