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NO support or funding given by social services when criteria not met by NHS mental health

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I suffer with borderline personality disorder, I was diagnosed in 2015 whilst in court preceding to have my children returned to my care after being taken on the 29/8/14 by the Lancashire social care (LSC) and placed on care orders. The phycologists stated I needed dialectical behaviour therapy (D.B.T) to help sustain my mental health condition, I accessed cognitive behaviour therapy on the NHS with adult mental health team in Preston, Lancashire. UK. Only to be discharged and said I was doing well. I have returned back to court numerous times to get my children back over the past 3 years only to be told I need DBT. I don't meet the criteria on the NHS as I'm not in a crisis and have sustained my BPD for over 2 years with no support. I lost my 4 yr old son to adoption on the 21/7/17 as I hadn't had DBT regardless to the fact I've passed a diploma in cognitive behavioural therapy and have studied mental health in children and young people and work for the mental health and wellbeing team for the NHS. I have research into DBT and were I could access it private. Only to find out that the Lancashire social care could fund this treatment at a hospital near were I live and nothing was said to me after trying to access DBT for 2 years on the NHS. DBT was the only therapy stopping me from getting my children back into my care. I am heart broken and discussed with the way me and my 3 boys have been treated by the LSC. My 3 boys have been separated by the Lancashire social care and no phycologists have been involed to help them with separation anxiety my children were are 6, 3 and 14months old when they went into the care system, my 6 year old was placed with one foster carer, my other 2 boys was placed in a different foster carer together only to be separated after 14 months because the LSC decided to put them both up for adoption but in separate placements, no phycologists or child mental health team was put in place to help support my children with this separation. Anxiety or any difficulties they would have experienced. My son who is 6 years old now, had a breakdown of his adoptive placement due to behavioural difficulties that the adoptive parents wasn't experienced to deal with. He has been moved over 9 times since leaving my care on 29/8/14. I applied to the courts to revoke the placement order and it was grated last year in July in court and he has been placed on a care order. I still haven't seen my son since the revocation  and now I'm opening another case with the courts to remove the care order as his human rights arnt being met within the care system. I want my boys home and I'm disgusted with how the system has treated me with my mental health and my boys in the Lancashire social care system, and how I've lost my baby boy down to me not meeting the criteria for my mental health on the NHS and not being informed I could of had it funded years ago. My children would of been back with each other and myself if only the correct support had been given to our family. Please help me get awareness to the unjust way my family have been treated by the system and the courts help me win my babies back. 

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