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Raise Level Cap on Beloved App Pokemon GO

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Ever since the 2016 release of the beloved app Pokemon GO, players around the world have dedicated countless time,energy, and even money, to training their Pokemon and helping their chosen team blossom. I play the game frequently. I do not casually decide to check and see if any Pokemon are rustling around, I allocate time from my busy days to play this game and boost my team/level. However, I have noticed one problem that's rested on the back of my mind for too long: what will I do when I reach level 40? Yes, I do understand the main focus of the game is to collect Pokemon, however, I find it unfathomable that such a popular app with so many players would halt progression at a mere level 40. If players stop gaining XP, they will slowly start drifting away from the app. With no way to increase the CP of Pokemon and the loss of vigor after peaking at such a lowly level, trainers across the globe will, and have, fall away from the app.

Though I may rest comfortably at level 25, I find it necessary for John Hanke, and the rest of the team developing advancements for Pokemon GO at NianticLabs, to allow more room to grow on the enchanting app. Niantic, your game is amazing. Though buggy at times, I find it hard to disapprove of such an amazing app. So please, for trainers everywhere, increase the level cap to at least level 50. This will bring joy, drive, and an excuse to click the app again to everybody. Thank you!

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