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Why we need fusion power

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The world needs power. Modern day life requires power for everything. The population is increasing which means more power usage. Yet all modern power sources have some sort of drawback. Fossil fuels cause pollution and need to be dug up. The world has been badly hit by global warming. Solar power will only work in the sun but most power usage is at night. This is why we need a new power source. Fusion power could have the solution to this. It would be cheap to run, reliable, safe and produce lots of power. This is why we should start putting funding into researching this holy grail of power sources.

Firstly fusion power would provide a cheap means of making power. Though expensive to build and develop at first it would be cheap to run as it could produce the same power as a barrel of oil with something as simple as a glass of water. This is possible because fusion power works the same way the sun does. By super heating atoms you can strip them of their electrons and make what is commonly known as plasma. If compressed, the lighter nuclei (the atoms) can fuse to create heavier atoms. In this process energy is released. This is the same process that goes on in the sun. The fuel, hydrogen, can be found in abundance in water. This makes it cheap to run. Because of this, fusion energy would beat all other energy sources. This is only one of the reasons why we need fusion energy.

Now you may be thinking that building a miniature sun would be very dangerous but in theory it would be one of the safest forms of energy production. This is because if the chamber where the reactions take place breaks or has a leak, the plasma in the chamber would simply expand and cool rapidly, stopping the fusion reactions. Compare this to coal and oil, where many lives have been lost in industrial accidents and through pollution. This makes fusion incredibly safe and secure, as well as producing massive amounts of power with something as simple as water.

Finally, building and researching this new technology would create plenty of jobs. True it would put coal and other power sources out of business. But the jobs generated from building, researching and running a working fusion power plant would make up for the jobs lost. We spend billions of dollars a year on coal and gas. This money could go towards making an energy source that is cleaner, more reliable, cheaper and for which we have an almost limitless amount of fuel. This is power that would be almost free, clean and reliable that would also create jobs instead of polluting the world.

This is why we need to start funding research into fusion energy. Fusion energy would be cheap to run, clean, efficient, safe, and has an almost limitless fuel source. All of this and we still haven’t started to research this. What are we waiting for?

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