Stop Rewarding Corrupt Politics in Albany

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On April 30, Blake Morris, Democratic candidate for state Senate,I hand delivered a letter to state Sen. John J. Flanagan, temporary president and state Senate Majority Leader, in his Albany office. Blake's letter requests Sen. Flanagan release the allocations of the Republican conference members' annual budgets for district- wide mailings and not seek an appeal of the Supreme Court of the State of New York decision to require the full disclosure of this information by May 18, 2018, the deadline set by the judge. There has been much interest in these budget allocations, as a number of media outlets have echoed the judge’s decision on their editorial pages. State Sen. Simcha Felder, Blake’s opponent in the race for state Senate in Brooklyn’s 17th Senatorial District, receives one of the highest allocations for constituent mailings at $93K per year. Coincidentally, it is Sen. Felder who gives Sen. Flanagan his leadership post of the governing body by voting with the Republicans, even though he calls himself at Democrat back in Brooklyn. As such, Flatbush attorney Blake Morris is the only real Democrat running in the Sept. 13th Democratic Primary.

The Morris campaign is asking New York state residents let Sen. Flanagan know we want these allocations made public to put an end to this kind of legislative corruption that rewards political favors with public, tax payer money. The voting public should not have to pay for state Sen. Felder to communicate with his constituents when he has misled us since he was first elected in 2012 by voting with Republicans and against Democratic interests. Felder’s votes have prevented the DREAM act from becoming law, the passage of GENDA, and proposals to bring early voting to New York state.

We are asking all New Yorkers to sign our petition to tell Sen. Flanagan to release the allocations for district-wide mail and end rewarding politicians with taxpayer dollars, especially ones like Sen. Felder. #VoteFelderOut #TrueBlue