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Radical Shiite Islamist Movement NOT ON YONGE STREET

There is growing concern regarding an event that is becoming rooted in our cities and, once again, is expected to take place this September 20, 2018, in Toronto. The Ashura Procession is a radical Islamist Shiite movement gaining momentum in many major cities around the world, including Toronto, while our officials remain silent and implicitly encourage it.

This petition is to request the Ashura procession that is planned in North York, be diverted to side streets such as Beecroft Rd or Doris Avenue, rather than Yonge street, or be stopped altogether.

We should not allow such an important street as Yonge Street to be used as a platform to publicize any ideological movement, especially during these delicate and highly charged times. It will be highly divisive and mercilessly insensitive to allow an ideologically charged event to happen on Yonge St, where recently, a horrific event took many innocent lives and shook us to our core.

Allowing Yonge street to be used for such a purpose is an insult to the families who lost their loved ones. It is a disrespectful and immoral act to be indifferent during these healing times and let the most famous street in North America be used as a platform to publicize a religious-political ideology.

We appeal to you, the caring citizen, to support us in this cause by calling upon our officials to remove this charged, radical ideological movement from our main streets.

Let this set a precedent for all other cities with main streets that have been plagued and hijacked by such radical Shiite groups.


You can also contact the officials directly:

Premier Dough Ford - 416-325-1941   

Councillor John Filion: 416-395-6411 

Mayor John Tory : 416-397-CITY (2489)