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Open up the Six Nations Championship by allowing a fair system of promotion/relegation

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Competiton and fairness are at the heart of any rugby game, from the kick off to the final whistle.

The 2015 Rugby World Cup has seen some of the best performances in recent history from teams considered to be part of the Tier 2 nations group, including Japan, Samoa, Georgia, Canada or Romania.

For many of these teams, the World Cup is the only major international tournament where they have the opportunity to play agaist other Tier 1 nations.

But it doesn't have to be this way.

Sign this petition now and demand that World Rugby and Six Nations Championship CEO John Feehan introduce a system of relegation and promotion into all European rugby union competitions, including the Six Nations Championship.

Every year, the winner of the European Nations Cup (ECN) would play a qualifying match against the team that finishes last in the Six Nations Championship.

If the ECN team wins, they compete in the next year's Six Nations tournament while the losing Six Nations team is relegated to the European Nations Cup.

If the ECN team doesn't win, the structure of the Six Nations Championship remains unchanged for that calendar year.

Please join us as we spread this petition around the world, so that everyone who loves rugby union has the opportunity to support it and make our voices heard!

Together, we can change the history of rugby and give everyone a fair chance at competing on the European and world stage according to their value and merit.


If you want to find out more about what motivated me to start this petition, you can read my personal story here.

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