Bring Bobby Home Now. The petition to release detained Bhavesh "Bobby" Bhatt

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January 31st, 2018, ICE detained my husband, Bhavesh. Our Son, 4 months at time of detainment, is being monitored for a condition known as hydrocephalus that may result in him needing a shunt placed into his head. In order to keep things afloat while Bhavesh is detained I am taking time off from my job, paying and scrambling for childcare while trying to keep our business open.  Bhavesh and I got married in April of 2016; in May 2017 I filed I-130 which is the first step to obtain legal status for my husband. It is still pending. I also filed a motion to reopen his deportation case and request a stay of removal pending my petition and waiver which has to be filed after. The stay has been denied and it appears ICE could remove him any minute.

I live not knowing if he is safe. I am writing this letter with the hope to delay his deportation until we can continue in the process of getting Bhavesh legal status. Bhavesh is a involved proud father and Ulster County community member. For the past 15 years Bhavesh has had a valid worker permit, drivers license, social security number, and paid taxes. I am overwhelmed at the thought of losing our business, home, and facing our son’s pending health issues alone. Due to the Trump administration’s changes to immigration policies my husband is now being treated as a criminal months before we would be able to fix his status.  


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