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On Sunday, February 2nd, 2014, my family went from a complete household of 6 to a broken family of 3, when Dauphin County Children and Youth Services (CYS) removed my three siblings (Rose, Elijah, and John) from our home under allegations of abuse. Less than two months later, after a thorough investigation, they found no evidence to support such allegation. Apart from Elijah, who was returned after months of his pleading to be allowed to come home, my siblings have not been returned to us.

Under the watch of CYS, Rose (who is in desperate need of medical care) was raped twice in her foster home and was only moved months after said incident (despite our pleading for them to move her somewhere else). John and Elijah were subject to intense interrogation during the investigation part of the process, which resulted in them calling me nearly every day begging for me to come and get them so that it would stop. Both Rose and John have been in homes where they have been pushed to convert to Christianity by their foster families and the churches they attend, despite being from an Orthodox Jewish home and our best efforts to request that they at least be moved to a more culturally appropriate home. Furthermore, there have been many recent allusions to pushing for adoption out from our home or insistence that the children be signed over to the state.

The psychological, emotional, and physical damage done to our family has been incredible and our civil rights have been violated time and time again throughout the process. We've done everything that the court and CYS has asked, with very little coming back our way aside from demands for us to allow for more intrusions and payment for non-Kosher food (and other activities which run opposite to our religious beliefs). Our attorney has failed us at every turn, even potentially making things worse. We've reached out to legal organizations, including the Homeschooling Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) and Pennsylvania branch of the ACLU.

All we want is to be made whole again. It won't be fast or easy, and we know this.

I ask you all, on behalf of my family, please sign our petition and help us to become a home again. We know we are different. We homeschool, are Jewish, and are a multi-racial family. However, we deserve the same chance as anyone else. None of those things are reasons to keep us apart, especially when there is no problem in our household to begin with.

Please help us reclaim our family and become whole once more.

If you want further information on our situation, please contact me at

My family and I thank you for your consideration.

-Isaiah Cohen


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