Gender Whisperers + ScoMo

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Will you join me in rebutting PM Scott Morrison's comments on transgender people? My goal is to flood his inbox with the 'gender whispers' he speaks of, with some good old fashioned trolling. Please send him this link with the following message, on this page:


Subject: Gender Whispers

PM Scott Morrison,
I refer to the public post on your social media channels regarding transgender people. "We do not need ‘gender whisperers’ in our schools. Let kids be kids." We, the queer community of Australia are concerned that you have discovered one of our best kept secrets. The truth of the Safe Schools Program is this video, played each day to children in Australian classrooms, with the intention of them becoming members of the queer community.

With all seriousness, kindly cease and desist your vilifying of queer/LGBT+ Australians and do what you are paid to do, by us, the Australian peoples and lead the country and its peoples according to our best interests, which we will vocalise to you.