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Stop Corruption and Mistreatment of Prisoners at Pennsylvania State Correctional - Fayette

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My father has been incarcerated for 43 years for murder, but yet he was acquitted on the murder weapon.  His institution name is James Sullivan  #AF6771 and he is incarcerated at Pennsylvania State Correctional Institution Fayette. There are no records for Judgement of Sentencing Order. My dad has been locked since I was three years old, this was in 1973. I have not seen my father in over 43 years. I had no knowledge of where he was or why he was locked up for years. It wasn't until I was 27 years old that my father was able to find and reach out to me.

When I was younger I would always receive letters from my dad and was very excited when they came. He always drew pictures on the letters that always put a smile on my face. Then suddenly one day the letters just stop coming. I spent all those years feeling like my father had forgotten about me and didn't love me anymore. It wasn't until we started communicating that I found out my stepfather had wrote my dad and told him to never contact me again. I couldn't believe it! All those years I thought I wasn't loved and it was just a lie. He did love me and he tried his best to find out where I was. It's sad but what is sadder is the fact that my dad is incarcerated for no reason. There are no records of his incarceration, so I question why is he still incarcerated?

Tanja Hayles who is the Records Supervisor, declare under the penalty of perjury, pursuant to 18 Pa. C.S. & 4904 that the following statements are true and correct based upon her personal knowledge, information, and belief: " I am employed by the Department of Corrections as Records Supervisor at the State Correctional Institution at Houtzdale. If the specific records requested above were in the possession of this Institution, they would be retained as official records in files within my custody. After a reasonable search, I have determined that the records requested are not in my custody, possession, or control." This document was dated on 10/22/13 and signed by Tanja Hayles.

Since then my father has been transferred to State Correction Institution Fayette still in Pennsylvania. My father has been able to retain a lot of his court documents and I have possession of them. His whole case in a misuse of our Justice system and many civil rights violations. My father has developed many programs within the Institution and was placed in the Honor Unit. He has no history of bad behavior and has been commended many times for his work within the prison. He is also and artist who has sold many of his paintings to guards and others in the prison also.

I just want to see justice served in this matter and for my father to be able to be a free man. I haven't had my father in my life for 43 years and it is time for him to come home. So much of his life has been wasted behind bars where many innocent men have been. He has lost so much money from attorneys who have gotten paid and ran off with the money. My father's case has so many twist and turns and everyone seems to be turning a blind eye to it. How can you have someone incarcerated, taken away from the families, their children, taken away their opportunities without any reason.

I have seen so many crimes done by people that have received less years sentenced than my father and they were guilty. The individuals involved in his case are fraudulent and need to be exposed for their misconduct and misuse of the law.

My father has been threatened by guards who are continuously trying to set him up. He is about to be 70 years old and he isn't a threat to himself or society. I desperately need everyone's help bringing his story to the media and any other outlets that can be used to seek him some real justice. He has been told that his case is a "Threat To The State". Anything that threatens the interest of the state (i.e. Judicial economy) must be avoided by attorneys at ALL COST! An illegal sentence is a threat to the state and lawyers are not coming to the rescue. This from the Attorney and Client, C.J.S. (1980) "Duty of attorney is to the court if litigant client's interest threatens the state" 7 C.J.S. 34

This is what my father has to endure, not being able to find an attorney that will even look at his case. Like I said earlier much money has been spent on attorneys over the years who have taken the money and ran. Please help by signing this petition so that I can spend the rest of my father's days on earth with him. We have so much time that has been lost and it can never be replaced, I just love my father and want him to receive his rightful justice.

The prison facility at Fayette is absolutely deplorable. The treatment of their prisoners is even worse. My father has spoken to me about the sickness and disease that is running rampant throughout the prison, not to mention they receive no proper medical care. My father is about to be seventy years old and when they returned him to the Honor Block (after being moved to one of the worst blocks in the prison for no reason at all) he now has a top bunk with no guard rails and he has fallen twice. This is unacceptable on all levels. The guards themselves are involved in a lot of shady business throughout the prison and my father has witnessed it first hand. I tried calling when my father was first moved from the Honor block and the guard who answered was very unprofessional. I was told I will never be able to talk to the Superintendent and prisoners get moved all the time its no big deal. Well it is to me when my father is a senior and resides in the Honor block but is suddenly moved conveniently when the Sup. Jay Lane is off the prison grounds. He had no idea this had taken place and ordered that my father be returned to Honor block once Sup. Jay Lane found out. I must get my father released, his life is at stake at this point. I refuse to lose him to this abuse and torture. My dad doesn't even eat the food, so if we don't send him care packages he doesn't eat. The food is basically poison my dad says it is absolutely horrible and prisoners have gotten sick. Prisoners without families coming up dead mysteriously, just too much going on and this place needs to be investigated. But my first priority first is my dad's freedom and that is what I'm fighting for.

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