Free Oscar, Ciaren, Eilidh

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The band, 'Mantis Men', featuring Oscar, Ciaren, Eilidh, Zane and Will, played at the JCCA Central Ampitheatre for the cause of music. It attempted to elevate and inspire crowd spirits, with a line-up of "Can't Stop, "While My Guitar Gently Weeps"  and "Sick Love".

The performance was absolutely stellar. So stellar, that it resulted in an encore performance of Red Hot Chili Pepper's "Aeroplane". Sung by rhythm guitarist Oscar Hellemar, the ballad was fun, wild and bombastic. We also enjoyed it.

However, the student administration decided to shut down the performance due to their blind hatred toward indie-rock, and their inability to conform to new trends in the music scene. The aftermath resulted in ending the song abruptly and the administration banned all non-music program students from performing during lunchtime hours. This prevents the Mantis Men from spreading their music, as Oscar, Ciaren and Eilidh are all not a part of this program.

We implore you to sign the petition in the name of justice. We must unshackle these bright and lively teens to enable ourselves to fully experience the exhibition of their prodigious skills.