All Labour personnel to publicly end any association with Labour Friends of Israel.

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Nicola James
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On 14 May 2018, following Benjamin Netanyahu’s orders, Israeli soldiers killed 58 Palestinians, including 6 children, using live ammunition & gas. A further 1,230 were also wounded by live fire. There are no reported injuries to Israeli personnel.

Labour Friends of Israel greeted the atrocity in the following way:

"Tragic events on the Gazan border; all civilian deaths are regrettable. Hamas must accept responsibility for these events. Their successful attempt to hijack peaceful protest as cover to attack Israeli border communities must be condemned by all who seek peace in the Middle East." (Screenshot of tweet posted above)

This petition expresses concern at the way LFI greeted the deaths of 58 innocent lives. It is further concerned that the refusal to condemn Netanyahu, and in fact trumpet his own line, has brought the Labour Party into disrepute.

Furthermore, this petition calls upon John Cryer to facilitate a vote for a motion of censure to be debated among the PLP into LFIs response.