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MPs must cease using the Syria debate as an excuse to call on Jeremy Corbyn to resign

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Under Jeremy Corbyn's leadership the Labour Party have finally become a strong opposition, despite a lack of support from some members of the PLP. Due to the clear change of direction under Jeremy Corbyn regarding austerity, Labour have put immense pressure on the government, which has contributed to major U-Turns on Tax credits and police cuts. Only three months into Jeremy Corbyns leadership, we are seeing what a great party Labour can be. Jeremy is again proving himself a strong and effective leader in his opposition to air strikes in Syria, and has clearly set out the reasons for his opposition in a letter to the PLP - a position shared by members on both sides of the house, some respected military personnel, and, in all likelihood, a large percentage of the Labour Party membership, and a large section of the public. However we are told the majority of the Shadow cabinet are in support of air strikes. That some MPs are calling on Jeremy to resign over this difference of opinion, reeks of arrogance and political opportunism of the highest order. This is the time for calm, level headed debate, but instead, these MPs, who have resented Corbyns leadership from day one, are seizing on the Syria situation to achieve their own political aims. We therefore petition these MPs to cease their calls for Jeremy Corbyn to resign. We also petition all MPs to stop anonymously briefing the press over events and conversations that occur during private Parliamentary Labour Party and Shadow Cabinet meetings. These meetings should be built on trust so that all participants can speak freely without fear of reading their words misquoted the next day in a newspaper. How can open and constructive debate flourish in an atmosphere of paranoia and suspicion? Again these MPs are putting political maneuvering before the good of the party, and their constituents. It is time for those MPs calling for an end to Jeremy's three month long leadership, to put their own political resentments and ambitions aside for the good of the party and the country as a whole. At a time when the government are pushing the merits of war in Syria, the country needs a strong voice in parliament articulating the other side of the debate. If we had had such a calm, reasoned, and questioning voice in parliament in 2003, we might have avoided an illegal war in Iraq; a war which may have sowed the seeds for the war we are debating now.

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