California Governor's race to not split the Republican vote. Say no to Top 2 legislation!!

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Please do not let the Democrats in California split the Republican vote and eliminate the Republican candidate for Governor from even making it on the ticket. We the people signing this petition respectfully request that John Cox step aside and throw his support behind Travis Allen. That will allow us to at least have a fighting chance to take back the Governor's seat in this state and avoid the continual slide into socialism that infests the current leadership in Sacramento. Travis is the only candidate that is from California, has a conservative voting record and the ability to defeat Gavin Newsom. If the Republican party cannot unite behind one candidate for the Primary election upcoming on June 5th the Democrats will win by default and we will only have a choice between 2 Democrats. Now how undemocratic is that? Please sign this petition for the good of the people of California. Thank you.

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