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Senator Cornyn Support Aspiring Americans

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On Wednesday September 13, we will be meeting with Senator Cornyn's Office to ask for his support of DACA and legislation that will bring relief to over 800,000 people. We would like to bring as many signatures as possible from HIS constituents. Please sign if you feel inclined to do so and share with your friends! The letter is below. 

Dear Senator Cornyn,

We are Texas constituents who represent multiple points along the political spectrum, yet are united in our expectation that Congress pass the Dream Act before DACA’s March 5, 2018 termination. We have compassion for DACA recipients because like you, we recognize that “these children who were brought here illegally through no fault of their own continue to make positive contributions to Texas and the nation, and it’s important for us to achieve a longterm resolution.” In the United States, we do not punish children for their parents’ actions. We do not tell young adults that they must prepare to self deport to a country they do not know and fend for themselves whether or not they speak that country’s language.

Many of us know DACA recipients and see their incredible contributions to fellow Americans. We hear about their love of this country the only country most of them remember and their passion for making a difference. We see their drive to obtain an education and become productive members of society. We hear about their bravery in sharing their biometric data with a country that could someday deport them in exchange for work privileges and deferral of deportation. Dreamers embody the American “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” ideal more than many of us, and they are asking for a legal path to citizenship so they continue to positively impact others. They make such a difference in our lives and in the lives of those around us that our businesses, communities, and schools would suffer in their absence.

Both conservative and left leaning think tanks recognize the following:

● Dreamers are projected to contribute between $280 billion and $460.3 billion in economic output over the next 10 years. CATO  Institute,  2017  and  Center  for  American  Progress,  2017  

● They pay as much as $2 billion in taxes each year despite being ineligible for federal benefits or Affordable Care Act coverage and subsidies. Brookings  Institution,  2017 

● Contributions to entitlement programs like Medicare and Social Security could decrease $24.6 billion over the next 10 years. Center  for  American  Progress,  2017 

● DACA recipients pay a higher effective tax rate than the top 1% of state and local taxpayers. Institute  on Taxation  and  Economic  Policy,  2017 

● At $12,500 per person, it would cost $10 billion to deport Dreamers, yet the annual ICE budget is only $5 billion. The CATO Institute includes additional costs in its deportation estimate of $60 billion. Brookings Institution,  2017  and  Cato  Institute,  2017 

● Spending tax dollars deporting Dreamers with clean criminal records rather than dangerous criminals would make us less safe. Brookings  Institution,  2017.

Those of us who share your religious beliefs would also like to highlight Moses’ instructions in Deuteronomy 10:1719:

“For  the  LORD  your  God  is  the  God  of  gods  and  the  Lord  of  lords,  the  great,  the  mighty,  and  the  awesome  God who  does  not  show  partiality  nor  take  a  bribe.  “He  executes  justice  for  the  orphan  and  the  widow,  and  shows  His love  for  the  alien  by  giving  him  food  and  clothing.“So  show  your  love  for  the  alien,  for  you  were  aliens  in  the  land of  Egypt.” 

Finally, we hear your frustrations with the way DACA was initially enacted. We agree with you that a permanent legislative action from Congress will be the best solution, which is why we’re counting on you to cosponsor and publicly support the Dream Act. We urge you to use your considerable influence in the Senate to create a legal path to citizenship for DACA recipients.

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