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The U.S. spends more than the next seven countries combined (China, Saudi Arabia, UK, Russia, India, France and Japan).  The current president want to place our sons and daughters in harms way to feed an ego that should be large enough as is.   Please sign this petition showing that there is no need to win any war, put more money into the military, while seniors will be allowed to starve.  Not to mention those who need affordable health care will not be able to get it.  This president wants to "win" a war.  How about we win the war on poverty?  Fund education or health care.  Make sure our Vets are taken care of, rather than discarded without sufficient resources to lead a quality life?  Please - we don't need war, we need someone to stand up and demand reason.  Reason is left to "We the People", only we can stop this runaway train from leading us to disaster.   Don't give into the culture of fear, those at the top would like you to believe.  Stand, be brave, let your voice be heard - NO WARS, and work on keeping  your promises Donald Trump.

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