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We all expect the law to be enforced, especially during a tragedy. We have laws for a reason and expect the law to applied to everyone no matter who, what, where, when, and why. My 19 year old son was killed on 11/12/2016. He was riding a motorcycle  on a country road approximately a mile from home. A car making a left turn into a church driveway with a duct taped window and no insurance and obviously did not yield to my child, got away with not even a summons. No breathalyzer was taken yet his friends state he was drunk prior to the wedding and witnesses saw him speeding over the railroad tracks that his vehicle came off the ground. So I ask, is it not the law in the state of Texas to have auto insurance? Is it not a violation to have have your view obstructed? Isn’t it against the law to speed? How about the direction he flew to get into the church driveway? You cannot come across the tracks and go straight into the driveway!  And if these answers are yes, why were these issues not enforced by Bexar County Sheriff's? This man gave the sheriff an auto insurance card that was not valid and he was not held accountable for this either. My son was blamed for the accident, because one person stated he was riding reckless and passed her up. Well at 2,00 RPM's he was not speeding, the lane he was riding was a passing lane so he legally passed this person, he was also in his lane but yet it was his fault. Now as for the other driver the only different account is the one on the police report. The police report and all the witnesses that have spoken in a year are different. How can all the witnesses say the same thing and then the police report is different? Why are they covering this up? Why can’t we receive justice?

My son did not deserve so much injustice. Motorcycle riders are human beings and deserve to be treated as so. I ask for help in seeking the justice my son deserves. I would like the laws to protect our loved ones and hold those accountable before the take another life.

Please help me advocate for my son and change the laws in Texas in order to protect others from lack of enforcement and negligence. 

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