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Help change the parameters of GI Bill disbursement

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My name is Brandi VanWinkle. I am a military wife who lives in VA but remains a loyal Texas citizen. I have a 12-year-old son who has ADHD severely. We have utilized everything Tricare has to offer in the way of medication and therapy. We have enrolled him in private school because public school is not effective when it comes to a child that has severe ADHD. I am not just talking in Virginia, we have attended public school in California, Maine, Virginia and Texas. Texas was the best but my sister worked in the school we attended and I am not sure that was not somehow a helpful factor.

I am asking for help in getting the parameters for which a military member can utilize their GI bill changed. At this point it can only be used for college or trade school.

My husband has faithfully served in the Navy for 23 years. He has worked his way from an E1 to a CWO3. He is admired and respected. However, he is unable to give our son who desperately needs more than the average school, both public and private can provide. We are desperate to send him to Military boarding school. I have examples of children just like mine, who had no real future going to the school we have chosen. Not only did they thrive but also their lives were saved. My boy is loving, smart and full of potential but because the average school cannot provide the structured, black and white environment these types of children need and deserve we must look elsewhere. Even with financial aid, my family of 5 cannot afford to provide this desperately needed advantage. With my husband's GI bill, that he so rightfully has earned we could more than provide for this boy.

I am begging you, my family is drowning in a sea of ADHD. I know this seems like an exaggeration. Please take the time to speak with a professional about the trials of a family who have a child at the top of the ADHD scale. It's much more than hyperactivity and lack of focus.

Please help.


Thank you from a proud Navy wife and Texan,

Brandi VanWinkle

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