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Help advance Sara and Omar's Visa Application

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9 whole months have passed.
Nothing has changed.
My wife and I are still in pain.
We are living in limbo as we deal with a stagnant system.
That was quick to doubt our relationship but slow to touch our evidence. [1]

We have yet to be asked for clarification.
Our lawyer helped us prepare a book filled with corroborations.
We have been waiting for over 9 whole months
To present our evidence. [2]

We have been reaching out the all three agencies:
the USCIS, the NVC, and the US Embassy (in Lebanon).
From "Administrative Processing" to delegating blame. 
They have sent us in circles, on an endless campaign.
It's been 18 whole months since we started my wife's visa application.
How much longer will they keep us waiting?

I can not stand silent as an upcoming father.
I worry about what the future holds for my baby daughter.
I want her to have the same privilege as me
... of being born in this wonderful country.

In 4 months my wife is due
Will she be given her visa in time or will I have to move? [3]
How many more hoops must we jump through?
What else must we prove?
Do we all not deserve to be with whom we love?
Have we not waited long enough?

Is it acceptable that
… a Patriotic American, a Native Texan, a Law-Abiding Citizen [4]
… a Tax Paying Voter, a Real Estate Owner, a Professional Coder
… a Lovestruck Husband and Future Father
... is going through this much trouble to be united with his wife and future baby daughter?

12 months ago my wife and I bought a home in anticipation.
... as we waited for the approval of my wife's visa application.
All we need is a reasonably-timed opportunity
... to refute the Consular Officer's fallacy [1]
I ask you to please help me bring home my family
I pray no one else must go through this expedition.
I hope those who have the power to help listen.
Thank you for supporting our petition.

If you want to learn more about our visa complications, our story is mentioned in Erica Proffer’s narration. [5]



  1. More than 9 months ago, my wife had her Immigrant Visa interview. The Consular Officer that interviewed my wife decided not to issue her an Immigrant Visa; claiming that we failed to prove the bonafide relationship between us, despite the testimony of our friends, sheets of our call and message logs, pictures from our wedding, etc. Now, our application is stuck.
  2. We have not heard a thing from the Immigration Department ever since my wife had her interview. With the help of our Attorney, Atty. William Jang, we prepared a book of evidence with over 48 different sections and more than 300 pages. It was compiled to highlight the bonafide nature of our relationship. We prepared it proactively. The most frustrating thing is that we are not even sure if the government is going to look at it.
  3. My wife needs my company. Her doctor advised her against traveling near the end of her pregnancy. If my wife does not receive her visa before her last trimester, I will have to temporarily relocate to Lebanon to be by my wife's side.
  4. I have a clean, misdemeanor-free, felony-free record. Similarly, my wife also has a clean record.
  5. Ms. Proffer is a news reporter from our local Austin KVUE news station.

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