Millburn Middle School Should Start at 8:15


Millburn Middle School Should Start at 8:15

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Henry Pwpwow started this petition to Principal John Connolly

     For many years, our school has begun at 7:40 AM. This is way too early and affects our daily schedule. With 8th graders going to bed from 9:30-12 at night and waking up around six to get ready for school, kids are only getting 2/3 of their needed sleep. Second, more sleep means better performance in schools. Finally, parents benefit the most.

   Our school, Millburn Middle School, should start at 8:15 because most eighth graders are only getting ⅔ of their needed sleep. In a survey done for Dialogue Night, most eighth graders said that they went to bed between 9:30- Midnight. Pretty big range, huh? Now let’s average it to 10:45. Most middle schoolers wake up from 6:00- 6:30 AM. That’s a total of six, count em’ six, and a half hours of sleep. According to, “...students in 8th grade should sleep for approximately 9 hours and 15 minutes every night”. That’s about three hours more than the majority of students are normally getting. But with school starting at 8:15 (and getting up at 7:45), that’s all of it.

     Another reason why Millburn Middle School should start at 8:15 is that more sleep leads to better grades. According to, “...In another study of 3,000 high school students in New England, those who reported higher grades had significantly more sleep time and earlier bedtimes on school nights than those with lower grades”. Our scores are good, don’t get me wrong. But that’s the word, “good”. Millburn strives to be above good or even the best. That’s what we want. And we will get that if we have more sleep.

     “Parents benefit the most”, I wrote. It all comes down to the people in charge. The adults, the administrators, the teachers, everyone above 21. Think about it. Parents schedules right now are this;

6:00: Wake Up And Get Ready

6:30: Get Kid(s) Ready

7:00: Go to work (or get the younger kid(s) ready)

8:00: Work

6:00 (PM) Go Home

10:00: Go to sleep (and repeat);

Imagine now, getting up at 7:45. That’s more sleep, less rush, and just less anxiety in general.

     Some administrators could argue that it starts at 7:40 AM because they need to get elementary school students to school at 8:30 so it needs to start earlier. But 8:15 gives parents an extra 15 minutes to drop off their little ones. Also, parents can now get all kids ready at once, since most elementary schools have an early-drop-off option.

     In conclusion, Millburn Middle School should start at 8:15 AM. It will help 8th graders who have so much homework they need more sleep. It will help test scores go higher and it will help parents. So, instead of having students sleeping on their desks, let’s have them refreshed.


This petition made change with 11 supporters!

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