Remove all visiting restrictions on Patrick Fitzgerald at Cherry Orchard Hospital

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A Dublin retired couple are currently suffering in a truly dreadful situation, which was highlighted by RTE in a recent Prime Time broadcast. Anne Fitzgerald is very seriously disabled as a result of an accident 9 years ago and is now in Cherry Orchard Hospital. In any situation such as this family support is of great importance. Unfortunately, Patrick, Anne's husband, has no freedom of access to his wife. He has had restricted visiting hours imposed upon him by the HSE and Cherry Orchard Hospital management. These restrictions were imposed when he drew attention to deficiencies and mismanagement in his wife's care. Restrictions were further tightened when Patrick mounted a one-man picket outside the hospital to protest the injustice being done to him. At present Patrick is allowed only to visit his wife from 2-3pm each day from Monday to Thursday. As Christmas falls on a Tuesday this year he will be permitted to be in his wife’s company for just one miserable hour on that day, and throughout the holiday season, before being escorted off the premises by security. While Patrick and his wife are being subjected to this indignity, members of HSE management who have created this situation will be sitting comfortably at home enjoying the Christmas festivities with partners, family and friends!