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As some of you may be aware, announced on Thursday 20th July on Mix 96 is the council's plan to close the club at the end of October. What the news alert didn't explain is that this is the current council's management team's recommendation. There are four options for the club and these will all be given a fair hearing in front of cabinet members (the folk's that make the decision) next Thursday. Below is the link to the official report for you to all read however this is the report put together by council bods and is not a true and fair representation, for example the way it's been run by them has caused some of these issues and stating only 56 members is purely because they didn't allow a membership to be run.  At one point we had a figure of nearly 800 members, those are things we need to prove and they need to hear all of our voices. The members they state are those county council employees that had their memberships salary sacrificed. Many people use the club and we viewed you all as members. We need to fight this and pull together. At the end of the report it states the following:

If you have any questions about the matters contained in this paper please get in touch with the Contact Officer whose telephone number is given at the head of the paper.If you have any views on this paper that you would like the Cabinet Member to consider, or if you wish to object to the proposed decision, please inform the Member Services Team by 5.00pm on 26 July 2017. This can be done by telephone (to 01296 382343), or e-mail to

If we all put in our views no matter what your link to the club it's all "evidence" for them to consider at the decision making meeting next week. I urge you all to email. Explain how you use the club and the strengths the club has and could continue to have if it was managed correctly. We have put in for option 3, a new entity to run it.  A group of us that use the club regularly and between us have skills and knowledge to know we can make our club a success once again. Please support us, email to address and fight against the council's recommendation, explain how it is a community asset and that you recommend option 3. Let us turn this around. Save our club.

Here is the full report:

As most of you know, it is not just a social club.  It is not just a building, this is a great community asset.  We are family friendly and I can speak for many when I say people have made great friends down here.  The sports side alone is fantastic and can only get better if we have the right management and support.  Sport England was so impressed with our team structure and facilities they offered us a grant to have new changing rooms built but the council refused to sign to allow us this to happen, this was over ten years ago, the council refused to sign on the dotted line back then as they didn't think we would or could survive another ten years.  We proved them wrong then, let's prove them wrong again.  Your support is greatly appreciated.

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