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Continued Support for BlackBerry PlayBook

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Since the news broke on 1st April 2014 that the Software support cycle for OS 2.0.x and OS 2.1.x is ending there has been concern in the BlackBerry PlayBook user community about future support for the device. With an estimated figure of over 2.6 million users worldwide, the BlackBerry PlayBook is a favourite among the most Loyal of BlackBerry fans. From sales figures reported by BGR on January 29 2013 the PlayBook sold more units than the new ipad in the UK. So not all PlayBook owners have owned the BlackBerry tablet from day one of it's release and many have purchased during the last 18 months, taking advantage of some good store discounts. Some discounts came after the plan by the company to deploy BlackBerry 10 on the PlayBook did not materialise. The PlayBook users are still disappointed, but now most realise that although BlackBerry 10 is not coming to the PlayBook, the device is still very productive, reliable and a great companion to our BlackBerry Smartphones. We would like to say thank you for the recent OS update to OS, it has improved Browsing and overall performance of this much loved device. We have noticed continued development of BlackBerry Bridge. BlackBerry Bridge was a great innovation ahead of its time and continues to be a much loved feature of the BlackBerry phone and PlayBook experience. The PlayBook community is asking BlackBerry to honour it's most Loyal Fans and to keep supporting the BlackBerry PlayBook. The device is still integral to BlackBerry customers phone & tablet set up and a survey conducted by CrackBerry in March 2014 found the PlayBook still is the go to tablet for nearly 60% of PlayBook owners. So we would like a commitment from BlackBerry to keep the PlayBook relevant until BlackBerry release a new tablet. We require continued Security, Adobe Air and Browser updates. We would like an Android Runtime update on par with BlackBerry 10. We would also like a native BBM application on the BlackBerry PlayBook that includes all the features provided on BlackBerry 10 and phones and tablets on other platforms. We look forward to working with BlackBerry to achieve continued success for the brand and to keep our BlackBerry Phone and Tablet combination Secure and Relevant until a BlackBerry successor Tablet becomes available. Thank You. The BlackBerry PlayBook User Community Save The PlayBook BBM channel C000EAA94 Twitter Save The PlayBook @SavethePlayBook PlayBook UK BBM channel C001CB4A1 Twitter PlayBookUK @PlaybookUnitedK

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