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Lower Violent Crime Rate In Wilmington by Increasing Police Numbers

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By having more police officers on the streets at one time, we can reduce the rate of violent crime in Wilmington. There are many advantages to this policy. The basic goal for police officers is to keep its citizens safe. With a spike in crime rate around the city of Wilmington, more patrol officers are necessary to ensure the safety of the citizens. If there are more police officers in Wilmington, the citizens can feel secure in their area and they do not have to constantly worry about their well-being. And if there are more police officers, then the crime rate would drop since criminals would be hesitant to commit any crimes. Another advantage is that if there was a situation where police force was required, then there will be enough officers to take care of the situation and still patrol the rest of the city.

A current maximum of nine officers per section of the city is clearly not enough. In addition, these shifts are barely ever filled completely; officers can be sick or away from work, making it harder for them to enforce the law. In addition, violent crime, especially homicides, are still increasing. This indicates a need for more police officers to enforce the law and arrest perpetrators of these crimes.


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