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End Jehovahs Witness Predatory Shunning Practices

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Hello! My name is Whitley and I grew up in the religious beliefs of my family. At the age of 16, however, I left the religion (or disfellowshipped, in their words). During the time I was in their home after that point I faced many forms of abuse. After I left the household the abuse continued as I was not allowed to see my siblings or mother. Their church demands that they follow this shunning practice and as a result the abuse continues. I just want to make sure that young people who grew up in that religion are protected and don't face neglect or abuse due to this abominable practice that has been the result of emotional breakdowns and suicides across the globe. I want to see if we can keep families together.

As many of you who keep up to date with the news know, the Australian Royal Commission has been trying to confirm abuse in children among Jehovah's Witnesses and have tried to change the policies. Why can't we do the same thing here in the United States. We support religious freedom (including the right to freely change religion) and The Watchtower Bible Tract Society has been trying to undermine that with the threat of losing your family and friends since its inception.

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