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Enforce the Original Rules, for the Sake of the Horses' Well Being!

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All dressage shows, especially the upper level International championships, must adhere to rules set up by an organization called the FEI. The FEI rules were written to preserve the well being of horses, amongst other things. But a person watching the warm up arenas at these shows (many have been blocked now from the public) will see lots of rollkur (forcing the horse’s chin to his chest), bloody spur marks on horses' sides and other cruel practices going on. And these riders are not only permitted to painfully dominate their horses during their warm ups, but then they WIN their classes because the judges don't enforce the rules! See the web page at for photos, articles and details. We are a group of horsemen and women trying to change things for the better in dressage arenas around the world. If we can get the sponsors of these famous (bad) trainers to shy away from their controversial clients, then we can eventually get the FEI organization to start actually enforcing its own rules. Ultimately, we can help horses all over the world to a more comfortable work day. Dressage is the sport/art that is supposed to celebrate the beautiful dance possible between a human and a horse - it should never hurt or damage either partner!    

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